Where to find the own released custom Extension?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I created my own Extension under "Build an extension". Result was a full functional extension I was able to use in my Base over localhost:9000.

Then I clicked "Delete Extension" inside the Extensions Menu in Airtable.
Extension is gone, fair enough.

But how can I reconnect the still existing Extension from my local machine to Airtable and use it again?

Idea was to release it with `$ block release` add it in Airtable and find the "Edit Extension", like proposed here.

 sounds promissing:
"When you run block release, the code is bundled and sent to the Airtable server — we host the released bundles for you. Collaborators in the base can then use your extension as well as install new copies of your extension in that base."

But there is no hint how and where the released Extension is findable?!

Google doesn't help, documentation doesn't help. What am I missing here 🥺?

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