Re: will Zapier object if name of field or view gets changed?

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Working on a project today with Airtable + Zapier (to send out some invitations), I had to make a few changes in the base as I was working. I gather that Zapier references most objects in Airtable by an object ID, so my impression is that, say, changing the name of a field or a view or a table will not break my Zap. Is that right?

(Of course I understand that, if I want to point Zapier at a different table, different view, or different field, then I'd need to do that. I'm just asking about objects in the base that continue to serve same role, just with a modified name.)

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Hm I just tested this and changing field names appears to break the Zap, but changing table and view names had no effect?  That...seems odd and I feel like maybe I tested stuff wrong or something

Thank you for testing. I'm too stressed out right now to do that myself. 

Seems a little odd to me that changing names WOULD break a zap, as I can see Zapier retrieving object IDs. I assume those are similar to primary keys in a relational database, and that the plain-English name for a field, or table, is basically an alias that could be updated from the link to the object ID. When I get time I'm going to get into Zapier's community and see if I can learn more about this. Thanks again.