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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have had to change my zapier integration with Airtable because of the API deprecation. It looks like the "API Requests (Beta)" should be an easy transition with the authentication method updated. However, when I put the same URL into it, I can't get it to work and I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

My intention is to return the single top record of a view- if there is an alternate way, I could do that too. But I don't know of a way to limit the view to a single record within airtable. This was working great via API.... I just need it to work with the new authentication as well! Any advice as to what I am doing wrong, or an alternate solution would be much appreciated!


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Because you specifically asked for alternatives to Zapier, I would VERY STRONGLY recommend leaving Zapier and switching to Make instead.

Amongst the community of Airtable consultants like myself, the vast majority of us have already switched from Zapier to Make.

Think of it as the world's greatest upgrade.

Make is INFINITELY more powerful & customizable than Zapier, yet it is SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER than Zapier.

I wrote an entire post here comparing Make vs. Zapier.

However, the only downside to using Make is that it will probably take you a few hours to learn. This is why I’ve assembled a bunch of Make training resources in this thread.

p.s. If you have a budget for your project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable consultant to help you make the switch from Zapier to Make, please feel free to contact me through my website: Airtable consultant — ScottWorld

Weird.  I've got my Zap set up identical to yours and it works fine.  Could I confirm that when you make that API call via something like Postman it works fine?  If so, I would reconnect / make a new connection to Airtable with the correct scopes and try again

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 11.26.05 AM.png

Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 11.27.39 AM.png


5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Your facing challenges with transitioning your Zapier integration from using Airtable's deprecated API to the new "API Requests (Beta)" feature. Here are some steps and potential solutions you can try:

1. Verify Authentication: Double-check that you've correctly set up authentication for the new API Requests feature in Zapier. Ensure that you're using the correct authentication method (e.g., API key, OAuth token) and that it has the necessary permissions to access your Airtable base.

2. Check Endpoint URL: Confirm that the endpoint URL you're using in the API Requests action is correct. It should follow the format specified by Airtable's API documentation, including the base ID and view name if applicable.

3. Test Endpoint: Use a tool like Postman or cURL to manually test the endpoint URL with the same parameters you're using in Zapier. This can help identify any issues with the URL or parameters.

4. Review Documentation: Review the documentation for Airtable's API Requests feature in Zapier, as well as any relevant guides or tutorials provided by Zapier or Airtable. They may contain tips or examples that can help you troubleshoot your integration.

5. Alternative Solution: If you're unable to get the API Requests feature working, consider alternative approaches to achieve your goal. For example, you could use a different Zapier action or trigger, such as "Find Record" or "Create Record," to interact with your Airtable base.

6. Reach Out for Support: If you're still unable to resolve the issue, consider reaching out to Zapier's support team for assistance. They may be able to provide personalized troubleshooting advice based on your specific integration setup and requirements.

By following these steps and considering alternative solutions, you should be able to either fix the issue with your current integration or find an alternative approach that achieves the same result.