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Zapier trigger on updated computed fied

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, I use an airtable formula to calculate product prices. I want to use Zapier to automate the process of updating prices on my website when changes are made to prices.

As I understand, Zapier wants to use the a "Last Modified Time" field as the reference to know when to trigger the action. The problem I'm having is that I'm not finding a way to point the "Last Modified Time" field at the calculated price field because AFAIK that field cannot monitor computed fields. 

The airtable documentation recommends pointing the "Last Modified Time" field at one of the editable fields used in the computed fields. This doesn't resolve my issue because Zapier seems to want to pull the value from the field being watched by the "Last Modified Time" field, not the computed field that I need it to. 

After consulting the airtable documentation I'm starting to be convinced that the workflow I have in mind is not possible (I would be happy to be wrong about that). So I'm wondering if anyone has some experience and/or recommendations about how I can accomplish this workflow.

Thank you!

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

It’s strange because even though the “Last Modified Time” field can’t monitor formula fields, Airtable’s automations can.

So you can create an Airtable automation that monitors a formula field, and then send that record to a webhook.

To perform the action that triggers the webhook, you would need to do that with a script — here’s the script you would use to send a record from Airtable to a webhook:

You mentioned Zapier, and while Zapier does offer webhooks, I would highly recommend taking a look at Make’s webhooks instead.  

Make is cheaper, more powerful, and more customizable than Zapier, and it also offers custom webhook responses if you ever want to have someone click on a button in Airtable and see a response in a new web browser tab.

Here’s an example video of how I use webhook responses: