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4 - Data Explorer

I use "Zoho Flow" app to integrate "Zoho creator" app to "Airtable"

Through the process of mapping the fields, I am struggling to understand what is the "Record ID" that Airtable needs me to fill. Can you please advise? Knowing that I am creating a workflow that triggers on record edit.

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Each record in Airtable has its own unique Record ID that can be used to identify it.  Here's Airtable's documentation on it:

In your context, you're updating data on Zoho Creator, and want that update to show in Airtable, is that right?  If so, you're going to need to make sure that you're storing the record ID that displays that data from Zoho Creator inside Zoho Creator itself so that you can reference it later

For example, if data gets created in Zoho Creator first, then propagated into Airtable, you'd have this workflow:
1. A set of data is input into Zoho Creator
2. Create record in Airtable, pass back the record ID of the created record
3. Store the record ID from Step 2 into the same set as Step 1

This way, when you're making changes to the set of data in Step 1 in the future, you can use the stored Record ID to update the appropriate record in Airtablem does that make sense?