Activate/deactivate button to run a script depand on status column

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Hi there,
Is it possible to activate/disactivate buttons linked to script depend on status in another column?
The case is:
I have buttons: run, pause. Each button has own script to do.
If status is “to do”, only 'run" button is active. If else ‘in progress’ show ‘pause’.
I tried to use additional column for that with IF(),but when i’m put the column with the button to TRUE/FALSE condition formula field convert it to link that is not working.
Could you help me to find a way to solve it?

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Button fields that run scripts cannot be deactivated. Instead, you must build the logic into the script itself.

For example, if the script should only run when the status is “to do”, have the script check the status and abort if the status isn’t “to do”.

Another option is to have a single script with a single “run/pause” button. The script detects the status field and then runs different code depending on the status of the record.