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Monthly revenue forecassting

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I’ve got the same issue as this

But I can’t locate the answer.

So I have a calculated column which shows what’s left to pay on a contract and I have a calculated column showing number of months left. I’d like to build this out to show the monthly revenue based on a equal monthly amounts.

How do I then get it to populate months from there?

Hope that makes sense.


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Hi @Shilpa_Wymer,

Would you elaborate a little more on your question, by mentioning what kind of columns you have in mind? Will be able to help you based on that.

I have two synced fields - one shows the remainder left to bill on a project and the other the number of months remaining on a project.

I then want to show the monthly amount we are forecasting to bill.

i.e I have £1000 left to bill and there are 2 months left in the project, so in column July and August i want to populate with £500 in each column.

Does that make sense?


Hi, I haven’t had a response back - please could you let me know if you know how i can get this to work.