Adding date/s to a specific 'single or multiple' select field

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I want to make a formula or automation to do the following task:

Step 1
When a single or multiple select field has a status “Revisit” :two:

Step 2
I need to automatically have a :four: Date 2 for the specific record with the status “Revisit” :two: , 30 calendar days after :three: Date 1.

Note 1
The issue I face when trying to create a formula field is that the secondary date applies to all records, which I don’t want. Just for “Revisit” :two: .

Note 2
I am not too sure if I can create conditional logic automation to perform this action. This is what I have attempted to no avail.
When a record is updated with the status :two: “Revisit”

Conditional Action
If :three: Date 1 is not empty
Update :four: Date 2 +30 Days

Any Suggestions?

This is the structure to the logic:
:one: Address (Main)
:two: Single or Multiple Select Field
:three: Date 1 (European)
:four: Date 2 (Formula or Automation dependent on :three: )

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Automations can’t perform any calculations, so you will need to create your formula field in advance. Yes, it will show up for every record in your entire database, but you can just hide the formula field so you don’t see it. Then, in your automation, refer to this formula field to get the date that you want.

Does Date 2 need to be editable? Or does it only ever have a value when the select contains “revisit”?

Does this formula work for you?

        {Select Field}
        {Date 1},
7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

@ScottWorld Thanks a lot of your reply. That’s what I thought but have still been figuring our the new conditional actions for Automations.

However, I have used your formula @kuovonne and works like a charm! Thank you so much. Date 2 does not need to be editable and can be fixed (formula style). My main use for this is to identify when my client needs to be informed to revisit records with a specific single or multiple select fields (using Airtable Automations). This formula is great and I really appreciate it!