Adding UPCOMING status to tasks that will be started soon

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4 - Data Explorer

I have been using the really helpful formula in this airtable article to have a status of done, complete, and in-progress for my project management base:

My formula currently looks like this:

IF({Done} = 1, “ :white_check_mark: Done​:white_check_mark:”,IF(IS_BEFORE({Due Date}, TODAY()), “ :alarm_clock: OVERDUE​:alarm_clock:”,“ :thumbs_up: In-progress​:+1:”))

However, I would really like to divide the In-progress into tasks that are currently in-progress (keeping status. as is) and tasks that are upcoming (start date is after today, basically). This is what I want:

:white_check_mark: Done :white_check_mark: : IF({Done} = 1, “ :white_check_mark: Done :white_check_mark: ”
:thumbs_up: In-progress :thumbs_up: : Start Date=before today and Due Date=After today
:alarm_clock: OVERDUE :alarm_clock: : Start Date = before today and Due Date=before today
:clock2: Upcoming :clock2: : Start Date= after today

I have tried so many different ways to nest another condition in there, and I just can’t make it work on my own… Would someone please help me out here?

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Hi Layne and welcome to the community!

Yeah, these nested IFs are difficult to dial in.


  1. Copy your formula into a text editor and logically organize it so you can see the flow of the conditions; this always seems to help with complex and dependent conditionals.
  2. Consider using Switch().