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6 - Interface Innovator

I have created an awesome base to run agendas for my team. People can submit topics, I can print them a pdf of the weeks agenda, take notes on the meeting, and create action times. I also have views for each member of my team and meeting so I can run automations to remind them to submit topics two weeks out and the day before.

I want the ability to be able to automatically carry over the notes & action items (each their own column) from the previous meeting to the next meeting so the agenda printed has those items in it.

How can I create a formula that automatically carries over items from the previous row essentially into a column on the next row?

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Formulas cannot reference any record which isn’t linked to the formula’s record.

Since you’re already using Automations I’d just handle this with an Automation. You could set one up to create a new meeting when the meeting date becomes today, then fill in the field’s with the trigger record’s values. This will effectively copy your meeting for you.