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Android vs Apple APP update

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Hey everyone,

I have an update issue I can’t figure out. In my database, I have filtered my projects by brand type which will show up on my Android phone. However, on my boss’s iPhone the filter isn’t showing up.

The other issue is that I can search for a specific part number based on the item description such as 1/4" ratchet and find it in my Android app but my boss can not. Once he types in the ", no record will show up.

Any tips?

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I can’t help much here, just to say that the " on iOs is set as default to be a different character. So iOs uses “curly quotation marks” rather than “straight quotation marks”. It might be possible to change the settings on your boss’ phone so that it defaults to straight ones. His search would probably work then.

Thanks David. I will have him try this and let you know. Not sure why Apple has to complicate everything.