Re: Any way to get all records except one into a single cell?

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I’m new to Airtable, so what I want to do must be something very easy, but I can’t figure it out.

Table A
Employee Name | Current Company | *Other Companies

Mark | Facebook | Amazon, Google
Sergey | Google | Amazon, Facebook
Jeff | Amazon | Facebook, Google

The above is Table A, where it has a field Current Company. This field is linked to Table B:

Table B
Company Name | Employee Name

Google | Sergey
Facebook | Mark
Amazon | Jeff

Can I make *Other Company field in Table A automatically populated by Formula or something else?

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Hi @Tae_Hyun_Kim,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes you can do that since the records are linked, create a new field in table B that is a Lookup and choose the field you wanna bring from table A.


Thank you @Mohamed_Swellam.

But what I like to do is to have a list of records except for one specific record, all into one single cell. In the scenario I mentioned, I have Amazon and Google (two linked records) into a single cell if the record that contains that cell has a field with the Facebook value. And I’m looking for a way to do this automatically.

Basically, I’d like to have an automatic routine (or formula) that first go to the linked table and get all records except for the one specified in the previous table’s record.


Ah ok! Now I think I get it

You have 3 companies (Facebook, Amazon, Google) and if Current Company is Facebook you want Other Companies to be pasted automatically.

I assume they are not only 3 companies or it would have been easy to do, right?

In case they are only 3 companies, you can then make a small table called Co. & Others where you have each company in the Primary Field excluded from the Others field then use a Lookup field to check them.

In case they are more than 3 companies, you can use a Script (which would be fairly simple) to do so.