ArrayUnique adds ", " between results on a rollup, any fix?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

So I’ve got a ton of columns, I’m rolling up using ARRAYUNIQUE, I get ", " between each item getting rolled up. I tried adding ARRAYUNIQUE(values, “”) to the formula which doesn’t work, it does in a rollupfield for ARRAYJOIN, but not ARRAYUNIQUE. So I got the idea in the rollup to add the formula ARRAYUNIQUE(ARRAYJOIN(values, “”), which amazingly worked, got rid fo the commas, just one catch it duplicates the first value (it does the same if I create a formula in the column next to it so my main rollup column is a ARRAYJOIN and then formula column next to it is ARRAYUNIQUE but it duplicates the first value), any advice on a better way to do this?

FYI for the record what I have now is the rollup table using ARRAYUNIQUE, with a field next to it using a Substitute formula to get rid of the ", " the Arrayunique is adding in, thankfully my data doesn’t have any commas but what if it did? What would I do?


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