Assign a user based on what is populated in a field

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4 - Data Explorer

i have a sync to jira.. i want to assign an airtable user based on the jira user field
For example: if  CM2 field contains John Smith, Mary Jones or Kate Day.. Can i create a formula that assigns John Smith, Mary Jones or Kate Day as an airtable user vs just a text box.. so that they get a notification that work has been assigned.  or does this need to be an automation with a user table?
Thank you

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You need a automation. While the formula field can calculate the name or email address of the assignee, the value of the formula field will only be text. If the value of the synced Jira field exactly matches the Airtable user name, the automation can simply copy the name from one field to the other. Note that the names must match exactly--spelling, capitalization, spacing, middle name, initials, punctuation, etc.

If the names do not match exactly, you can use a formula field to get an exact match to the Airtable user name.

You do not need a user table in Airtable unless you want one.