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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a list of about 28 employees that I have created a scheduler for. I have their name, what team they are one, what shift they work and what work week we are currently on and other info. What I am wanting to do here is to have a formula that will automatically input their shift. Example: Jon works 8-5 M-F. So if I select him from my already existing record I would like his schedule to populate onto the selected work week and be added to the work calendar, then do this for all 28 employees so I am not manually entering that on Monday they worked 8-5, Tuesday 8-5, Wednesday 8-5 etc. Also is there a way for AirTable to recognize what week we are in and automatically populate that into the Grid I have created for their schedules? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you all for your time.

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