Adding attachments on a shared folder (troubleshooting)

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4 - Data Explorer

My client just started using Airtable and she shared her airtable calendar with me, but the drag and drop feature for me to add attachments/documents to tasks is not available. Does she need to change something in her settings to grant me access to edit the tasks?
There is also no option to manually add attachments

Also, she is on mac and I am on PC - we both are running updated programs, but when she uploads .docs for me to download, some of the images (emojis) are not there. instead, its the box that indicates something was there but did not work with the formatting. I tried to provide screenshots for this post but it says images are not allowed.
We don’t have this problem when we share documents on other platforms like word, dropbox etc.

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Welcome to the community, Alyssia! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

Yes, she needs to add you as a collaborator with editing access. She should also be aware that there may be a cost associated with granting you this access, depending on the plan (free, Plus, Pro, etc) of the workspace where this base is stored. More on Airtable’s collaboration features and requirements are here:

Regarding the emoji display, are they only displaying as boxes when viewed inside of the built-in viewer in Airtable? How do they look when you download and open the file in Word?