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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

i create one base that showing income -expenses-profit
every thing is good
now i have one problem, i create one field name is bank balance.i put formula in field that( total bank balance(30000) + Profit),problem is now this field ,every row doing - from 30000
i want every row should make - from last field row

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I think you are making the mistake of trying to use Airtable like a spreadsheet, when it is actually a database.

One way of achieving what I think you’re trying to achieve would be to have two tables: Transactions and Accounts. Your Transactions table would contain every transaction in a separate field. So a profit would be positive (e.g £200) and an expense would be negative (e.g -£50). Each transaction would be linked to an account in the Accounts table using a Link to Record field. You could then use a Roll up field in the Accounts table to sum up the balance of all transactions for that account.