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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to make a point system for my students.

I want to use barcodes to look up student names and to enter how many points they have. I tried setting it up but I don’t know how to cause a barcode input to find an populate a value into a record.

Please help me understand what I am doing wrong.

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Hi @Rabbi_Yaacov_Sebbag, could you provide some details on how you’d want this to work?

For example, will these barcodes be printed out somewhere? And when you scan them, what would you like to happen?


You may want to check out the barcode & QR code offerings from MiniExtensions:

I would like to print barcodes on tickets. Each ticket would be worth a certain amount of points. When the child’s name is selected on a form and his or her tickets are scanned, I would like the system to register how many points the student has.

Thank you!

Hmm, and the points would keep adding up, yes? So if Child A has 3 tickets, each worth 5 points, after scanning all 3 tickets Child A would now have 15 points?

May I also know how and who would be doing the scanning? I ask as the suggestion I provide would be different based on this, e.g. if you’re scanning this via the Airtable mobile app, it’d be a specific workflow, if you’re scanning it via some kind of barcode scanner it’d be something else etc

As an aside, a quick way to handle this might be to create a form in Airtable and use a formula field to create a URL to prefill the amount of points it’s worth, and then use one of the free QR code extensions in the Airtable marketplace to create the QR codes

And so the workflow would be:

  1. All the tickets are printed out with QR codes that are unique to the amount of points it’s worth
  2. The QR code is scanned and it opens an Airtable Form where the amount of points is prefilled
  3. The user selects the child from a list
  4. The user clicks submit

I’m not sure if you’re comfortable with step 3 of the above though; they’d be able to see a list of all the children participating. You do mention selecting the child on a form though so I assume it’s alright?