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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I have the following formula that works by displaying a ! when col1 is empty:

IF({Col1} = BLANK(), “!”, “”)

However I would like to add OR statement so that the ! is displayed if either Col1, Col2 or Col3 have no entries.

I have tried varying different ways with no luck, such as:

IF({Col1} or {Col2} or {Col3} = BLANK(), “!”, “”)

Thanks in advanced.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Oliver.

Here’s the formula:

If all three fields are not blank, then show nothing.
If at least one of the fields is blank, then show “!”.

This is an equivalent but longer formula:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks Claudio,

Used your formula to come up with following that works for me:

IF(OR(Col1,Col2,Col3),"", “!”)

Thanks again Olly