Button field to trigger webhook and open url

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7 - App Architect

Hi :wave:
If anyone can help with button field…

In a single click I want to achieve to trigger a webhook and open different url.

I manage to have button trigger Integromat webhook, it successfully opens url saying “Accepted”. Now, is it possible to open different url(google docks) in a same click after the webhook is triggered. Some sort of redirect or something… Is there a way to do this?

Thank you for your help,

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A redirect can’t be triggered via the URL that opens a webpage. It has to be triggered by the page you’re visiting.

Could you share more details about your use case? What does the Integromat scenario do, and what are you opening in Google Docs that’s related to it? By knowing more about your end goal, we can offer more specific guidance.

Hello Justin, thank you for you message.

Here is a more detailed explanation;
Using button field I trigger Integromat webhook, that makes a copy of existing google sheets file.
In the same click I would like to open url with than new file.

Hope I explained this more clear.
Thank you

Thanks for the clarification. While that literal process unfortunately can’t be done, perhaps a slight tweak would work. After your Integromat scenario makes the new Google Sheets file, it could update the Airtable record with a link to that file. With that, you would click the button to trigger the scenario, and the URL would appear in the same record a few seconds later, where you could click to open it. Not as streamlined as having it open automatically, but it’s probably the closest alternative for now.

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Thank you for your suggestion. That will also work for me.
I have created this scenario now, but what it does is creates new document and creates google sheets ID for all the records in the base. How do I limit only to record I have selected?