Calculate elapsed time (to the minute) including days

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6 - Interface Innovator

I'm building an issue tracker leading up to a one-day event. Issues are reported, and then I need to track how long the issue has been open. Most issues are closed in a few minutes, but others may linger for hours, or even days.

I can calculate the number of minutes since the issue was opened, but how do I convert that to a duration-like result that includes days? Sort of like a DD:HH:mm format.

This is how I calculate the elapsed minutes:


DATETIME_DIFF({Resolution Time}, {Call Time}, 'minutes') * 60
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If you use 'seconds' as your units in DATETIVE_DIFF(), you can format the result as a duration. However, the duration format will only display in HH:mm format. It will not display days. If you want to display with days, you will need to use a formula that does the unit conversions manually. I might have written one a long time ago, but I cannot find it, and it would have been many lines with lots of arithmetic.

I'll try that, @kuovonne! I can probably make the formula display "n days" if the duration hour is >= 24. Thanks.