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6 - Interface Innovator

The formula below works for a single linked field look up but I would like to add a second linked record and calculate the total cost.
The scenairo is Linked field =unit /start time/ stop time = cost
I am looking for linked=unit +unit +unit etc start time/ stop time = cost on one line

IF({Field 18}<24,{Look up}*Duration/3600)

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Hi @Noel_Bolger,

Im a bit lost as what exactly is your question.

You want to add a second link field where? Is it IF(AND()) or maybe IF(OR())?

I have a table, first column is a link to another table,this table has workers with different rates , each worker has a different rate per hour, this formula works, IF({Field 18}<24,{Look up}*Duration/3600) with start stop time with a single record is selected in a row, I want to select several workers with different rates in a single row, I need to call each linked workers rate separately and then apply the time formula.

Oh ok I get it.

Are all workers working the same duration or does each one have a different duration?

If all workers work the same duration, so you need to Rollup the rates into one column, then use this rolled rate in your equation.

If each worker has a separate duration, then it will become a littlee bit more complicated.

I would be able to help you more if I see your base.


In this case, they all have the same hours so rollup works, thanks for that,
Duration*{Field 44}/3600
Now I just need to select durations below 12 hours, if you know of the top would appreciate it will take me a while to work out I don’t do these often. ie if duration <12 then
Duration*{Field 44}/3600


Hi Noel,

I dont follow, the formula you have looks just fine for what you described.

IF({Field 18}<24,Duration*{Field 44}/3600,0,) can you see what is wrong this is not working
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d28dd3092be6f39d552530c566cb1d42ad99fe07.gif ea3337028c50971c0e1043b1dc42e959097c62ee.png

Here you go

IF({Field 18}<24,Duration*{Field 44}/3600,0)

There was an extra comma in the end

Thank you very much, that comma could have cost me hours, working great now.