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4 - Data Explorer

Hi There,

Apologies as I am very new to airtable. Essentially, I have a column which contains a series of numbers which indicates how many businesses make it through a particular process. This number automatically updates based on my input in other areas of the table. What I would like to be able to do is have the success rate automatically update in the next row.

I can do it on excel, but with airtable being a database I am not sure how to go about doing this.

In excel it looks like this :

Percentage success 1

How can I do this in airtable?

Percentage success

The point of this is because I would like to then create a chart which keeps updating with this information, showing how many as a percentage make it through each stage.


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Hi L! With the formula field, you’ll be able to make that happen. A lot of the formulas work exactly as or very similar to Excel. Just select formula as the field type and calculate the success rate. Let me know if you need further help with this!


This topic may help you

I think, in your case, you can use “link to the same table” feature, creating new linked field and copy-pasting sorted primary field to new linked, but one step down (i.e. Step2 will be linked to step1, Step3 - to step2 etc…). But that depends on how often you change the number of steps