Calculating the percentage of tuition covered by the payments made using check boxes

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
Hiya all!
So, I am trying to create a formula that uses each of the checkboxes in my table as a way to track payments that have come in.
I need each checkbox to equal/represent to the amount listed in the {Payment Amounts} column and for the number of payments that have come in (ie - the number of checkboxes checked) to be represented by a progress bar where the final tuition amount is listed in the table too as {Tuition}. 
I have the below pasted formula so far, but its obviously not working: 
VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE({Tuition (from KCIT Tracker)}, "$", ""), ",", "")) / ({Payment Amounts} * COUNTA({1st}, {2nd}, {3rd}, {4th}, {5th}, {6th}, {7th}, {8th}, {9th}, {10th}))
I have pasted a screenshot of the table for reference - is there anyone that can help me figure out this formula? x
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It looks like a divide by zero situation.  If so, and assuming the rest of the formula is ok, try something like

IF( COUNTA({1st}, {2nd}, {3rd}, {4th}, {5th}, {6th}, {7th}, {8th}, {9th}, {10th})=0 , 0 , VALUE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE({Tuition (from KCIT Tracker)}, "$", ""), ",", "")) / ({Payment Amounts} * COUNTA({1st}, {2nd}, {3rd}, {4th}, {5th}, {6th}, {7th}, {8th}, {9th}, {10th})))

So it looks like its working when nothing is checked, (none of the checkboxes) but then when one of the checkboxes is checked, it gives another error code 😞