Can a Calculation Ever Be Edited/Overridden in a Data Cell?

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4 - Data Explorer

We’ve built a table to track and support our Corporate Events (webinars, seminars, etc.) I’m pulling in a data from a form, and using a Date Field titled “Event Date,” to calculate four dates on which we’d like to send out an e-mail sequence to get people to register for the event. Is there ever a way to change those calculated dates? At all? I know this flies in the face of why you’d do the calc in the first place, but the dates are often fluid and change.

If I were to do the calcs in a separate table, and then link to the results in another table, would they be editable?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi @Ralph_Raiola - unfortunately, a field can’t be calculated and editable at the same time, so whenever I’m up against this sort of requirement, I add an override field:

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 21.12.45.png

You have your calculated date, an override date and then a “confirmed” date, which uses the formula:

IF({Event Date Override}, {Event Date Override}, {Event Date (formula)})

So, the confirmed date takes the formula date unless the override date is populated, in which case it takes the override date.


You may be able to simplify Jonathan’s suggestion above by combining {Event Date (formula)} and {Confirmed Event Date}. Your formula would then be: IF({Event Date Override},{Event Date Override}, some sort of date calculation formula). As you have four dates you want to calculate, this method will result in 8 fields as opposed to 12.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks Jonathan and Kamille. I’ve started with Jonathan’s suggestion, as it was easier for me to get the syntax correct. I will try your approach, Kamille, once I have some time to sort everything out. Both replies are appreciated.