Re: Can I Run a Script to UPDATE URL Fields From .PNGs Files in My Base?

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4 - Data Explorer

I'm currently working on a project in AirTable where I need to include .PNG images in a mapping application. However, I realized that .CSV files can't store .PNGs, so I decided to pull the URLs of the .PNGs in my base and create a new field to store them. This seemed to work fine, but I soon discovered that the URLs for the .PNG images expire every 3 hours. So they were coming up as a thumbnail on my map, and then they expired and disappeared. 

To solve this issue, I'm looking for a script that can run an automation to automatically update the image addresses in each corresponding record by using the file with each record. I've tried searching for solutions on my own, but haven't had any luck so far.

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It sounds like you want to use Airtable attachment fields as a CDN to host images that you show in a different application. Airtable discourages this usage. You are better off finding a different place to host your files, such as Cloudinary or AWS.

It is possible to write a script that will update a url field with the most recent url for a record. But you would have to run the script every two hours and reload the images from the record every two hours. That is a lot of automation runs.