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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi there

Is it possible to make a linked field case insensitive?

If in a source table I have "Blue", and in another table a record is created with "BLUE" in a linked field (response from a user form entry, which I have no control over... this is a simple example, I can't do a select field question in the form, it must be user text), I would like the "BLUE" entry turn into the "Blue" that already exists in the source table, rather than creating another "BLUE" record in the source table. How to best go about it?

Many thanks!

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

There may be a way to have this happen automatically with scripting, but I can't speak to that if so.

If you wanted to go the no-code route, perhaps you could set up a formula field that would capitalize words however you wanted, regardless of the input. Then, you could use that field to run the deduper extension every now and then to merge the varied inputs into one record.

Yes, standardizing words with a formula column ( UPPER() or LOWER() ) makes your life easy. Then you can set an automation which gets the standardized value of a new record and pastes it into the linked record field.
So, a user types YeLLOw in column1, but you have "yellow" in the second table, so create a formula column with the formula of LOWER(column1) called formulaColumn1. Then create an automation, with trigger "when formulaColumn1 is not empty", then action is "Update Record", updated the linked record cell with the value comes from formulaColumn1 which is yellow, since LOWER() formula converts "YeLLOW to "yellow".