Checking Duplicates between two multiple select columns

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone,

Due to Covid 19, my company decided to find an inexpensive way to create a Lead Management system for our Telemarketing and Telefund campaigns.

Airtable seems to work great so far with the actual calling (even though it is a bit more hands on) but I am running into a small issue with our calling calendar.

To give you some details, the calendar needs to work as a working document, showing (by month) which segments are called by Telemarketing and which by Telefund.

The way I have set is by:

a) Creating 3 tables in order to create groups for the segments (e.g Series A, Series B etc = Renewals, Tickets to X performance = 2021 Fall tickets etc.) One for Telemarketing, and one for Telefund as well as one table to group our suppressions.

b) Under the original table, starting with the months as the initial column I added a date for when each extraction needs to be completed, a completed/not completed indicator, expected revenue (separately for TM and TF), actual Revenue amounts and of course the individual segments and the segment groups for both Telemarketing and Telefund.

Both the segment groups and the individual segments (more than 100) are necessary in case we only want to call part of the segment group, and therefore, we need a place to indicate that.

Unfortunately, this creates a lot of clicking on options and making it impossible to know if a segment might end up in both the TM and TF columns

Now the individual segments are both multiple selects, and I want to find a way to identify duplicates between the two columns.

E.g In January TM is calling X Y Z, and TF is calling X Y and Q, then I would like the formula to show that X and Y are showing in both columns.

I know that I can manipulate the views to filter out certain results but I want to see if there is a way to create a formula under the grid view.

Is there a way to create this formula?

So far I managed to create one that would give a value if the two cells were identical (which they never will be).

Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Alex
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