Re: Combining IF and LEFT formula -- not working.

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all, Im struggling to figure out why a formula in my table produces a blank response vs the intended result... 

I can provide more context if needed but suspect the error is more obvious to some of you and context is irrelevant. 

LMK if context is needed. 


The formula is: 

IF({Junction}=1,LEFT({Status},1) & [Product}," ")

'Junction' field can have only two possible results 1 or zero. I would like that if a record contains a 1 in this field, that this new field formula produces a text string that combines the status and product, (eg "Ongoing - Product A") 

It's not doing that though... it's producing just " ") 

What have I got wrong? 😞

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Hey @GrahamW

Based on the details you provided, I created the following:


Here's the formula that I used:

        TRIM({Status}) & IF(
            " - "

I'm actually a bit surprised that your formula field let you create the field with that formula you provided in your post because your Product field name is wrapped with mismatched curly/square brackets.


Ben, Im giving you kudos, but want you to know that the error was me... I was referencing the wrong GD field. 

The bracket you reference was a transcription error on my part, otherwise it works if I input the right field. Thanks for trying, sir. 

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Ben, this is the result.. and what I was looking for (sensitive info covered) 



but if you know how I can get it to look like this, it would be EVEN BETTER


One field that isn't visible that is a commonality amongst these records is the one that lists the junctional relationship. Mentioning that as I believe that it is an important detail to achieving the look