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Re: Combining Multiple Fields from a different table within a single row

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am such a novice at this, I hope I can accurately explain the problem.

My goal for this to combine the sales and listing data from online source with my product data that I need to help me understand what is working and what designs I need to focus more on.

Within a single Base, I have 2 tables with 2 sets of Data that are not currently linked. I will call them TABLE A & TABLE B.

TABLE A - contains rows of listings for online products. Each row contains a single product with various details about the listing. This data is updated from an external source of my online vendor.
For Example, A1 Title / A2 Listing Copy / A3 Number of Sales / A4 Product type / A5 UPC / etc…

TABLE B - Contains my information about the online product. This is info and categories that I have created to help me track my designs and organize them for my use.
For Example, B1 Design File Number / B2 Niche / B3 Thumbnail Image / B4 Ad Campaigns… etc

I understand that I can link individual fields from one table to another through record linking. Still, I want to be able to link all the fields in a row from one Table to another where all the data comes over in their rows without having to link each individual field per row.

So that I can point to the corresponding row once per row.

Giving me a table that is:
A1 / A2 / A3 / A4 / A5 / B1 / B2 / B3 etc.

How do I get all of the data from Table B to populate into the corresponding row on Table A. I am assuming that I need to point at least one of the fields from Table B to its corresponding Row in Table A.

I am sure I am just missing something simple here.



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Hi Jim, I’ve put something together here for you to check out that might do what you’re looking for:

Table 1:
Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 2.24.23 PM

Table 2:
Screenshot 2022-11-21 at 2.24.26 PM

The key is to create a linked field such as demonstrated by @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo - and then compliment that Linked Field with either Lookup fields (as show in Adam’s screenshots) or Rollup fields, which are a slightly more advanced Lookup Field with the ability to Sum data, carry out simple formula calculations on that data, and manipulate the data to simulate an array.

Start off by understanding a Lookup Field that piggy-backs off of a Linked Field - and then move on to learning about Rollup fields.

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

@Jim_DiGiovanni - a point of clarification: you link records to one or many records in another table. It sounds like you think you need to link each of the fields within a record to all the other fields within another record, but that’s not how it works. As @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo and @Karlstens have pointed out, what you really need is to understand and utilize is how to properly link records and then utilize the lookup and rollup field types after that.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Thank you all for your help. I think I am not explaining it the way I want or I am just not understanding how to approach this. I am a designer, so I built a little photoshop example.

In my example, I want to add to record A28 all of the data from record B44.

The way I imagine it working is.
1: Add the desired columns to Table A with a lookup field referencing Table B
2: Choose a record that I want to link the data to and type in the Inventory Number from Table B
3: All of the data from that record is populated into the columns that have been added/linked


Hi Jim, try adding a “Link to another record” field to Table A and point it at Table B. You should get a prompt asking you whether you want to add any lookup fields; select the ones you want

After that, try linking a record from Table A to Table B

@Jim_DiGiovanni You are trying to combine the data which can actually be located in one table. Maybe you need to use different views on the same table. Say, your vendors can see and edit one subset of fields, and you can access a whole table or another subset of fields. In your case, I do not see any reason to divide one table into two.

OK, I tried that. I added the fields from Table B to Table A. But then, when I click on a field in Table A where I want to link something from Table B; I see this message in the cell “Lookup fields should be configured in the Field Menu Dropdown.”


That is the problem, I want to add the records from B to A. But if Table B has 6 fields that I want to add, I believe I must add the details from each field manually. This is what I am trying to avoid I have thousands of records that I am trying to merge.

Hi Jim, have you figured out the fix to this? I've watched the videos, read the forums and the blogs, etc. Every time I try to carry over data from linked fields I get the message "Lookup fields should be configured in the Field Menu Dropdown"

Airtable is less than helpful when I reach out to them, their videos don't allow commenting. I'm about ready to start new in a different platform. I'm hoping you found the answer. Thanks!