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Company Name in Author Field

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I have a book database and I am splitting the Author name into Author First and Author Last columns.

The problem I run into is certain books are authored by a company. I don’t want to split the company name up. Is there a way to identify an company name and then place it in the last name column of the split formula.

Something like this:

If Name is Company x than place in last name column If Name is not Company x than place text before space into last name column.


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Just an idea/thought, but one solution would be to have 3 fields: 1. Author First Name, 2. Author Last Name, and 3. Company Name

Then a 4th formula field ‘Author’ (for example) which would pull the author’s first and last name (fields 1 & 2 above) OR the Company name (field 3 above) depending on which was blank. That way, you can have a single ‘Author’ column to sort or filter data as needed. and Fields 1-3 would be your inputs.

That would work except the primary field is the complete author name, and it cannot be just the last name as there are multiple Authors with the same last name…

You could make the primary field the formula I mentioned, which would combine the full author name or show the company name?

Not sure I follow your last comment but something like this:

IF({CompanyName}=blank(),{AuthorLastName}&", "&{AuthorFirstName},{CompanyName})