Concatenating Text and Getting Rid of whitespace with "+' to generate link.

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4 - Data Explorer

I am setting up an automation by concatenating 7 fields. These Fields are automatically populated as the user enters their info into a web form.


CONCATENATE(Report_Link1,{Borough No},Report_Link2,{Project_StreetAddress},Report_Link3,{Proj_Street_Name},Report_Link4)
The output I get is: &street=8th Ave &go2=+GO+&requestid=0
There are two problems with this: 
1. There are spaces between 
  • {Project_StreetAddress} & Report_Link3
  • {Proj_Street_Name}, & Report_Link4 

But there aren't any spaces between Report_Link1,{Borough No},Report_Link2,{Project_StreetAddress} and I have not done anything different to the latter part of the formula.

2. {Proj_Street_Name} could have spaces like in this example '8th Ave'. If I was to manually get the link from the website it would treat a space as a '+' to complete the link. How can I go about getting a '+' automatically so the link can be generated?

Thanks for the help and look forward to resolving this!



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I recommend learning the Encode URL function.

Also, wrapping each field within Trim() will help remove unwanted trailing white space.

The way I see it - this works if we use Airtable Forms. I should have clarified, I mean a web form on Wix website that is automated to submit the info in to my Airtable base as it comes in. Could this still work if that is the case?

Wix Web form > Airtable Data and then concatenate the data in the cells based on the above