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Concatinate Field values from linked Records

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Hi Folks,

I’m creating a research repository and want the primary field to be a concatenation of the value of a particular field in a linked table. Right now, it seems, that you can only access the primary field when making these links. Is there a way the value in another one of the linked records fields to show up and be accessible?


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The ‘rollup’ field I think is what you need, you can’t make the primary a rollup, but you can refer to a rollup field if you make the primary field a formula.

Thanks. I’ll try to make sense of this, but I did look at that resource and wasn’t able to understand how to address my issue. Could you please address, fundamentally, how one gets a specific field to show up as the visible field when linking to another table?

To pull in a specific field based on a linked record, you would use the Lookup field type. For example, here’s a simple table that tracks names and ages:


In another table, I can link to those names in one field, and then use a Lookup field to pull the Age information, using both to build a custom primary field formula:


Wow. I didn’t know that. That was the missing piece, so thank you very much, Justin and Michael!!! :winking_face: