Convert phone number column to a string of numbers

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6 - Interface Innovator


In my base I have a list of my customers by phone number. We are trying to link if they attended a zoom session. I have a script that can link if it find name or phone number matches. Sometimes though customers dial in by phone. Registration reports from zoom provide numbers in a string of digits with a country code at the front.

Ex. (123) 456 - 7890 would show up as 11234567890

For my script to work I need to have the two columns that have the same values. Is there a way to format using formulas either column to make them match. Any ideas?


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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

This might work…


Unfortunately, VALUE does not recognize phone number fields!

It worked for me. Try typing the formula in the field instead of copy/paste. I worry that those quotes in my response may be curly. Those are not good.

I found the issue!!

You are right, VALUE() does work. I was trying to use it formula field that was pulling the info from a lookup. The value operation only works if you have it look to the original phone number field.