Converting formulas from Excel to Airtable

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have an excel spreadsheet with many calculations.  Given my current understanding of formulas, it is very much like excel so my question is below.

Formula in Excel


Field names in Airtable

N22= シャトル台数(Shuttle Qty)

Q23= 予備シャトル台数(Sp. Shuttle Qty)

So my airtable formula should be as follows

IF(SUM({シャトル台数(Shuttle Qty)}:{予備シャトル台数(Sp. Shuttle Qty)}<>0,SUM({シャトル台数(Shuttle Qty)}:{予備シャトル台数(Sp. Shuttle Qty)}),"")

But I keep getting an error. Where are my assumptions wrong?  It is simple addition problem

Order Qty - Shuttle
Shuttle Qty28
Spare Shuttle Qty2
Total Shuttle Qty30
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Airtable formulas and Excel formulas are based on different langauges.

  • In Airtable, the "not equal to" operator is != versus <>.
  • In Airtable, there should be a comma instead of a colon between items in the SUM() function.
  • In Airtable, if you the third parameter of an IF() function is optional. Including an empty string as the third parameter will turn you result into a text string instead of a number.
  • You are also missing a closing parenthesis.

Try something like this ...

  SUM({シャトル台数(Shuttle Qty)}, {予備シャトル台数(Sp. Shuttle Qty)}) != 0,
  SUM({シャトル台数(Shuttle Qty)}, {予備シャトル台数(Sp. Shuttle Qty)})