Nested IFs not working despite using AT article as template

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4 - Data Explorer


I have been using the article "Writing nested IF statements in Airtable" as my template for assigning performance ratings based on a percentage score. This is basically exactly like the example in the article, however, I have not been successful. I cannot get "MSE", "FME", "EE", etc. to populate at all, only "DME". I tried using SWITCH as an alternative and was not having success there either. Can anybody tell what I'm doing incorrectly, and how I can remedy this problem?

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It’s confusing because what you see onscreen for percentages isn’t what Airtable stores them as underneath the hood. What you type into a percentage field also isn’t what Airtable stores them as under the hood.

So, for your numbers in the formula:

84.9% is .849, not 84.9
90% is .90, not 90

Change the numbers and it will work.

Brilliant. Thank you!