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Count linked records over multiple fields in the same table

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The Count field lets you count the number of linked records.

For example, take the screenshot below

Line 8, I want the count field to count the number of linked records in Team 1-4 and then add them up.

Is there a way to do this?

Seems like this should be easy but may have reached the limit of Airtable.

This is essential to the business use case I want to get Airtable for my organisation.

Any work arounds are appreicated too.!

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Airtable wont let me add a picture

So a brief description

Total field followed by Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4

Each of the team fields are linked to a record on another table.

I want to the Total field to count the linked records in each column Team 1-4, and add it up. Count field only lets you count one field not others

Hi @Hiteshree_Ruparell - workaround here would be to add a count field for each linked field, then make your total field a formula which adds the count fields. You can hide the 4 count fields if you don’t want to see these in your view.


How about if you have the same teams linked in multiple fields. It would count them twice. Is there a way of counting unique linked records across fields?