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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all – new to Airtable, but over the last 3 weeks have absolutely loved it and now using it for everything. It’s awesome.

I need help with something that I’m not sure can be done yet.

I have a CRM, with a table that is a funnel, each record being a different lead. I have a separate table that is my business dashboard: a summary of my activity.

I want to have on my dashboard the number of leads I’ve contacted per month, based on the creation date of each record in the CRM Funnel.

Is there a way to count all the records in a table, determine what their creation date is, and then get that single number and put it in a cell?

Thanks in advance,

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

So if I want a table that has a line per month, with various measurements, I want the link to be month, and possibly month + year


Hi Scott

To give you yet another option, I think this could be done by using Zapier (you would need a paid account) which would trigger each time you enter a new CRM lead record and then add one to the value of a counter in your dashboard table for the relevant month. The basic logic of the Zap would be something like:

  1. Triggered by the new CRM record
  2. Find a dashboard record with the relevant year and month (if not found create it)
  3. Add one to the value in the lead count field and update it.

This will work fine as long as you realise that it won’t be able to reduce the count if you delete a record (for example).

I have done quite a bit of work for clients automating Airtable with Zapier and find it all works well as long as you understand the limitations (Zaps don’t happen immediately, can only happen once per record at the moment and can only be triggered by New Records in a Table or new records in a view).

Hi @Julian_Kirkness, thanks for this – very useful to be reminded.

Personally I want an automated version that doesn’t require third party, as I know the pain of Zapier changing something!

I think, however, thanks to @W_Vann_Hall, I’ve found a solution. Seems to work at the moment, and with minimal effort on my part now that I’ve built it.


Correct. Basically where @Andy_Lin1 was coming from.

Only external solutions exist for that part I’m afraid…

Yes I see that now! Thanks @Andy_Lin1 :slightly_smiling_face: