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4 - Data Explorer


I would like create a table with summary results of all the base. 

For exemple, for a base with different tables like : 
1 - Suppliers
2 - Products
3 - Customers 
4 - Sales
I would like have in a table (to use in a app built with softr) global datas like : 
- the number of records in the supplier's table or of customers
- the average turnover 
- the total average 

How can i do that ? 

Thanks 😃 

(I know it is possible with blocks "extensions" but it is not possible to have datas blocks in softr ... ) 

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If I were you I'd create a new table with a single record, and link all of the records from the other tables to that one record.  After that, I'd use rollups / lookups / formula fields to get the data I want (averages etc), and then display those formula fields in the other app