Datefield (Link to table) limited filter options

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I have a schedule table for a church band.
Another table is used for setlists that are connected to every church service.
Every record in the setlist table is linked to the schedule table through the datefield.

In the setlist table I want to filter the view that every user will see this way:
show me the record that is

  1. after yesterday
  2. before one week from now

This filter works fine with a regular Date field, but appearantly not with a date field that is retrieved by linking to another table.
The options for filterin this date are very limited:
contains / does not contain
is / is not
is empty / is not empty

My question: is there a formula that I can use so the filter will treat this linked Date field as a regular Date field?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I came across this issue as well. It looks like dates are being converted to strings inside the link field. This might be because you are able to link multiple primary fields and date logic would break in this case. I’d love it if this was indeed a date when single linked.

I did find a simple workaround with adding a formula field:


It converts the linked date string back to a date. You can then use this field for filtering.

That works great! Thanks for sharing.