Determine if today is one of a list of dates

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I have a list of holiday dates, and I need to determine if today is one of those dates. So far I’ve figured out how to check today against a single date, but not against a list of dates.

However, there’s also a problem with checking the date. If I use this formula, I get the correct response.


BUT, I need to know if TODAY() is equal to the holiday date for different timezones. If I perform a DATETIME_FORMAT with SET_TIMEZONE, then it sets the date to yesterday. And if I use NOW() as the basis for the comparison, it won’t just check against the date, it seems to also want the time.

So, question is two-fold: 1) How can I compare today’s date with a specific date in different timezones in order to determine if today is a holiday in that timezone? 2) How can I compare today’s date to a list of dates?

Thanks for your help!

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