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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi everyone!

Following problem: I have a table where each record is represents a deployment of a worker, sick leave, a project or Vacation. We differentiate between them with a single select field. Each record has a start and an end date + is linked to a Worker and/or a Project. 

Now currently the Name field is just a Code identifying the Type + an autonumber. 

However if one particular worker is linked, I would like the Name field to Dispay "Linked Project". 

The reason is that this particular worker needs to sync his records to an external calender application. But its quite useless if that only displays things like "deployment-322" or "Project-102". 

Now technically this would be very simple, the formula works fine as long as its not the name field. 


IF({worker} = "John", {project}, 
    "Projekt", 'PROJ_' & {nr},
    "deployment", 'DEPL_' & {nr},


 However once I try to use this formula as title field, airtable complains about a circular reference. 

What would be a workaround for this? 
I coudn't find any option to let the external calender use a different field as Title. And I cannot seem to find a way to get Airtable to display a linked field in the Name field. 

Would greatly appreciate if anyone could point me towards a solution!


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