Displaying most recent date from multiple select column and calculating difference between today

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a column that is multiple select, in which I enter dates in the format mm/dd/yy, to keep track of when I bought things. So let’s say for Cinnamon, the History column might have dates 02/20/19 and 03/01/19 as multiple select entries.

I am trying to:

  1. Have another column displaying the most recent date from that History column
  2. Have another column displaying a number value that is the difference between that most recent date, and today (example for Cinnamon above, most recent date is 03/01/19, so today being 03/11/19, that would be 10 days).

Thank you very much for any help!!

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Not sure that this can be done with a multi-select, but if you make that field a Link to Another Record field you can then use a Rollup MAX(values) aggregation. From there you can use a Formula field that has the formula `DATETIME_DIFF({Rollup Field},TODAY(),‘days’)