Exploring user/password in airtable

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Im trying this method to link users with “passwords”. It is a way to add a little of security inside an airtable database. Please let me know if you think of ways to make it better.

I have a User table, where users can register using a form and they will fill in a field named Password, (type: single select) containing a list of uniques words.

Let’s consider another table, Content table. Using a new form, users can select their name from the list of users (linked from User table), and they will fill a new Password field containing the same exact list of words.

If you compare the Password field in User table with the Password field in Content table, for each user, for example in a boolean field named Matched, you will be able to filter all records that are not matching the password. If your password list contain more than 1000 words, it will be harder for people to impersonate a user, as they would to post the same thing over an over before it matches.

I can now use the Matched field to filter that in a new view that can be processed for public display.

Thank you

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