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Division formula giving error message

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Hi there - Whenever I try to do a basic division formula between the values in two columns I get an #ERROR! message. I can’t figure out why. Below is what I’m inputting.

Formula for column: {Measured Coil Temp.}/{Max Rated Temp.}

Would really appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!

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Can you take a screen snip of your fields? It would save some potentially unnecessary question/answer back and forth.

For sure. See attached.

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 1.32.20 PM

To clarify, it shows #ERROR! when I actually input numbers into the “Measured Coil Temp” and “Max Rated Temp” fields too.

Hey Zaafir. You need to change your “Measured Coil Temp” and “Max Rated Temp” field types to Number (#)


So simple. Can’t believe I missed that haha. Thank you!!