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Nested IF Statement For Greater Than Or Equal To

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Hi All, I am really new to formulas and I am trying to do along string IF statement. Can anyone help me identify where this is going wrong? I looked and read through other topics and just can’t get it to work. I essentially want this to go all the way from 1 to 100 with greater than or equal to all the way up.

IF({Security Price (from Search Criteria)}>85,“1”)

({Security Price (from Search Criteria)}>=70,<=84,”2”)


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Use this pattern:

   {Security Price (from Search Criteria)} > 85, 
      {Security Price (from Search Criteria)} >= 70,

You don’t have to check if something is less than 85 twice.

This worked! thanks so much!

Is there an AverageA function in Airtable? I would like to average those cells that have the formula in it.