Re: Does ANY value from Field A match ANY value from Field B?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, everyone! It's my first post, and I'm relatively new to Airtable and to databases more broadly. Hoping for some help.

I'm using a base to organize staff for a conference. Volunteers are attending some sessions and working other sessions. I have a field for each volunteer's Attendance Time Slots, another field for Work Time Slots, and a third field called Conflict?. There are several (up to five) time slots listed in the Attendance column and in the Work column. I'd like to check to see if ANY one or more of the time slots in the Attendance column matches ANY one or more of the time slots in the corresponding Work column for that volunteer. If so, then I'd like the output in the Conflict? field to be "YES" (otherwise, "no"). 

In other words, I need the Conflict column to alert us if we've assigned a volunteer to work during a time when that volunteer is signed up to attend another session, so no one is double-booked. Can anyone help me accomplish this?

Thanks in advance! And remember, I'm very new. So, super-clear, extra explicit instructions would be most appreciated. Thanks again, and please wish me luck! 🙂

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Could you provide screenshots of the relevant tables and fields?  What you want done can (probably) be accomplished with a formula field, and how your tables and fields are set up determines what kind of formula would need to be written for your specific case