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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey, I have been looking for a while and I'm stuck.

I am organizing group calls with 3-6 people per call. 


After each call I want to each participator to fill out a form, giving feedback for each other participator on that call.


The challenge I'm running into is how to collect feedback for each participator from each other participator. 

I went down the rabbit hole with prefilled forms, but I cannot connect the actually rating to each person. 

Maybe I've just hit the limit for airtable forms, but I'm curious if I'm missing anything obvious. 

Happy to explain more if this is unclear (however I was reluctant to share screenshots with personal detail)

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Is this anonymous form feedback, or does each participant have their own Airtable account?

For the sake of the exercise, perhaps create and post a mock-up of the final data you’re needing to achieve , as it might help to provide solutions. 

Hm, there's easy for you to handle, and there's easy for your participants to handle

Easy for your participants might be a form that's dynamically prefilled with the other participants names in a long text field like so

Screenshot 2022-12-18 at 3.00.43 PM.png

And you'd then use a script or formula of some kind to parse the data, and use an automation to connect the data to each person


Easy for you but harder for the participants would be to dynamically create one unique link per participant for each other participant for them to fill out.  i.e. if I'm participating with 5 other people, I fill out 5 forms

Depending on what you have in mind we could suggest something, so let us know whether you've got a desired workflow