Trying to Create an Automated Trigger and Not Sure If I'm On the Right Track

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey All,

I'm mocking something up and wondering if I've designed these tables incorrectly.

I'm trying to create a connection between two tables (1. "Adjustment Funding Matrix" and 2. "All Adjustments Info," and specifically the "Policy Threshold" and "Final" fields both of which are in this latter table.)

My goal is to make it so that based on the thresholds set by the "Adjustment Funding Matrix" table, depending on the financial amount in "Final," I'd like to make the "Policy Threshold" field in "All Adjustments Info" display the information in the corresponding "Policy" column from "Adjustment Funding Matrix."

Is that possible the way I've set this up through a conditional relationship, a trigger, or something else? Thanks.

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If there are only a few records in "Adjustment Funding Matrix" and if the thresholds aren't going to change much, I'd recommend just hardcoding a formula as it'd be the simplest option

If not, the other option would be to make a queue system to run an automation that would link the record from Table 1 to all the records in `Adjustment Funding Matrix`

You'd add lookup fields in `Adjustment Funding Matrix` to display the `Final` value of the linked `Table 1` record, and use a formula field to figure out whether it's within the range

Then you'd use another automation to update the record in Table 1 with the right "Policy Threshold" value