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EAN-13 barcode generator

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I am new to airtable and I am using airtable as our Products database, and when we make a new product it needs to get a EAN-13 barcode. We get the first 9 numbers from the government, then we add the next 3 and the last one is calculated.

Field 1 = 9 first diget
Field 2 = auto number
Field 3 = adding “0” so the cell has 3 number in it
Field 4 = Field 1 & Field 3
Field 5 = calculated last number
Field 6 = Field 4 & Field 5

The formula is:

This formula works for this but dose any one know if there is a easier way to do this.

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What is the formula for the calculated number supposed to be doing? I think you could at least condense a few of these fields like this:

9 Digit Number (single line text)

Autonumber (autonumber)

Calculated Number (formula)

EAN-13 (formula - see below)

{9 Digit Number} & REPT("0", 3 - LEN({Autonumber} & "")) & {Autonumber} & {Calculated Number}


it calculates the last number in the barcode.